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Mosin Coffee has its origins from first coffee seeds of Jamaican Blue Mountain variety, which was cultivated in Papua New Guinea since 1937. Mosin Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee growing on coffee plantations in Mosin Hills Estate owned by Vitis Industries Limited and in gardens of small coffee farmers located at Wau, Morobe province – this is tropical mountain area with attitude 1200m with temperature range from +28C daytime to +14C night-time.

Papua New Guinea coffee has a bright and delicate acidity of a modest and low-toned richness with moderate acidity – this coffee is medium bodied and is deeply dimensioned yet well-balances with mild and mellow broad flavors that provide a bright and clean taste – a classic, delicate sweetness complemented by an exotic, complex and fruity aroma. This makes it ideal in a steel-filter drip coffee maker which allows the natural oils and flavors to shine.

Coffee in Papua New Guinea is mostly grown by small coffee growers in their small coffee gardens in natural conditions in highlands provinces and Morobe province – usual varieties are Bourbon, Blue Mountains, Mundo Novo, Catimor, Arusha, Typica and Caturra. Coffee is growing naturally without any organic or industrial fertilizers, most of farmers coffee is washed and qualified as Specialty Small Holders Premium Coffee.

Mosin Hills Estate has 700ha of coffee plantations, wet coffee factory, green beans coffee factory, coffee storage depot – about 250 people is employed permanently and 500 coffee pickers during coffee harvest which takes place from March till December. Also Vitis Industries Limited is supporting cooperative of coffee farmers who are growing coffee in their coffee gardens – selected coffee farmers are included into this cooperative to be sure that they grow 100% Arabica varieties of coffee and they follow all technologic steps correctly during converting of coffee cherries into parchment coffee. Growing coffee and selling this coffee to Vitis Industries Limited for future processing is important part of local economy – it is providing income for hundreds of families to send children to school and to buy supermarket food, cloth and hygiene items.